Webinar: Distance makes the WOP grow stronger?

Water and sanitation utilities are making extraordinary efforts to continue providing services to their customers during the COVID-19 pandemic, despite the heavy burden it has caused them. Join us for the next 90-minute webinar on December 9th at 13.30 CET to continue the discussion.

The peer-to-peer support provided through WOPs is proving to be of indisputable value to the crisis response of public operators. Nevertheless, the health crisis has confronted the WOPs concept with unique challenges of its own.

Travel restrictions in most countries worldwide are making it difficult for partner utilities to implement their capacity-building activities on the ground. Within this context, the flexible and resilient character of WOPs has become apparent. Partners are adapting project activities as well as communication and coordination mechanisms to the existing circumstances. In doing so, they can ensure the continuity of mutual support to address their most urgent needs.

This webinar, jointly convened by GIZ, WWX and GWOPA/UN-Habitat, will bring together WOPs project managers from different global regions. WOPs practitioners will showcase best practices and lessons learnt on overcoming challenges related to COVID-19, with the aim of keeping up necessary momentum for positive change in water and sanitation utilities.

The webinar will promote sharing of experiences and learning on the challenges and new, creative practices adopted by WOPs partners throughout the pandemic. Moreover, after the webinar, and for 5 consecutive working days, panelists are invited to respond to the questions unanswered during the webinar and exchange more information in a dedicated group on Workplace.

Concept note – English – French – Spanish