Since 2013, GWOPA has been collaborating with IHE-Delft on the Boosting Effectiveness in WOPs (BEWOP) Project to offer knowledge, guidance and practical tools that make it easier for utilities to lead successful WOPs.

BEWOP has undergone three phases since its inception:  Phase I (2013-2014), Phase II (2015-2019) and Phase III (2018-2020). Phase IV (2020-2024) is under preparation.


The goal of BEWOP I was to strengthen knowledge transfer and change processes in WOPs, in order to maximize the potential for operational improvements of water operators. 

In its first phase, the BEWOP project produced case studies and thematic research on WOPs that was translated into practical guidance and tools in phase two that are available in the Resource Library.

The documentation of WOPs worldwide has drawn lessons and best practices using the following approaches:

  • Comparative analysis of existing approaches for knowledge transfer and learning processes in WOPs.
  • Development and testing of WOP management tools and guidance materials for potential use by both partners.
  • Assessment of existing guidelines, training modules and materials to support operators’ performance improvement.
  • Development and testing of new capacity development products/services (guidelines, training modules and materials) for WOPs, with a double focus.
  • Communication, outreach and use of the Capacity Development products in WOPs.


In BEWOP III, GWOPA supports the Dutch-funded WaterWorX programme, a major WOP initiative enabling 26 WOP projects around the world over a 10+ year period. GWOPA supports the WaterWorX programme through knowledge management, increasing global visibility of the WOP concept and promotion of enabling frameworks for WOPs. 

Under the knowledge management activities, utility partners collect, document and share knowledge through Communities of Practice centred around different themes. The aim of these Communities of Practice is to learn from what is happening in the WOPs and to help the different WOP projects learn from one anothers’ experiences.   

GWOPA’s support for the WaterWorX Programme also  involves giving  visibility to its WOPs through case studies, dissemination of lessons learnt and social media outreach. GWOPA also works with WaterWorX to build awareness and support for WOPs among European governments and financiers  so that more utilities are able to support one another through WOPs. 

The project has a total budget of €715,000. The project runs from March 1st, 2018 until December 31st, 2020.