Workplace – the online platform for the Global WOPs Community

Through the Workplace online community, GWOPA members maximize exchange, peer-learning and capacity development opportunities between individuals working in and with the water sector.  The Community offers unique opportunities for networking and interactions for WOP partners and operator staff around Community activities.

The aim of the Community is to promote the sharing of experiences and best practices among peers and discuss common problems  and solutions. The Community features active moderation by experts committed to accelerating the creation of key thematic hubs at the utility-sustainability nexus.

Membership of the Community is open to everyone working for or with public water operators and has no cost. By becoming a Community member, you accept the GWOPA Membership Policy and the Charter.

The Community enhances GWOPA as a strong and fruitful global water solidarity network and helps support our shared vision of  ’water and sanitation providers, connected in a solidarity-based network, sharing and helping one another to improve services for all to achieve the local and the global objectives.’