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Helping operators help one another.
GWOPA members work together to improve access to water and sanitation by supporting peer-support and learning between utility staff.

More specifically, GWOPA members form a global coalition that supports and represents the voice of the water and sanitation operators at the global level, and believes in the power of peer-support to improve lives.

With the principle of solidarity at its core, GWOPA membership unites organizations and individuals from around the world to maximize our collective impact, build awareness of the critical role of utilities, and achieve high-level buy-in for the WOP practice and peer-support approaches.

There are two ways of becoming a GWOPA member:

Institutional membership


Learn and improve
The core activity of GWOPA is peer-learning between utilities.
Show solidarity
Connect to a diverse and inclusive Alliance in which all members adhere to a shared vision of solidarity.
Engage in Alliance activities to support universal access to water and sanitation.
Raise utilities’ voices
GWOPA is the foremost platform within the UN space dedicated to increasing the voice of utilities.
Members can participate in WOPs, the Global WOPs Congresses, General Assembly and other GWOPA events and workshops.
Institutional members can be part of GWOPA’s International Steering Committee.
GWOPA is global community of practitioners and experts.

Who can become a member?

Organisations and individuals can become GWOPA members. The main criteria for joining the Alliance is a commitment to increasing sustainable access to water and sanitation, and adoption of GWOPA’s Charter and Principles. Members accept to collaborate in an environment that promotes human rights, equality, tolerance, diversity, transparency and accountability.

GWOPA’s main constituency is Public Water and Sanitation Utilities.

Individual membership is also open to all who have an interest in water and sanitation issues.

Which following organisations can apply for GWOPA institutional membership?
Public Water and sanitation utilities, Community water and sanitation operators and cooperatives, Private water and sanitation utilities, Associations of water and sanitation utilities, United Nations organizations, Registered international multi-stakeholder platforms/network organizations, Development cooperation agencies, Development finance institutions, Non-governmental organizations, Civil society organizations, Trade Unions, National and sub-national governments (including Public Asset Holder Companies), Research and learning institutions, and Water and sanitation sector regulators.


What is expected of my organisation?
Members have different levels of engagement in the Alliance however all members …
  • 1. Embrace GWOPA’s Vision and Mission, and Charter (
  • 2. Contribute to the objectives of the Alliance through one or more of the following:
    • 1. WOPs – engaging in a partnership in according with GWOPA’s Code of Conduct
    • 2. Knowledge – supporting the development of knowledge resources
    • 3. Support – contributing to WOPs or GWOPA activities through outreach or other resources
    • 4. Outreach and visibility – advocating for utilities, WOPs and GWOPA.
Why does GWOPA matter?

GWOPA is a leading voice within the UN system that explicitly represents utilities and promotes learning partnerships between water and sanitation operators. The Alliance has existed for over ten years and has enabled, facilitated and advocated for WOPs.

The achievements of the past decade have been possible thanks to the active commitment of GWOPA members.

How will membership help?
Many water and sanitation utilities are struggling to face growing challenges linked to climate change, finance, and capacity. As GWOPA’s membership base grows, our voice becomes stronger and we can call for increased resources for utilities and WOPs to help utilities that are struggling. With a broad and active membership, GWOPA can effectively lobby for utilities and WOPs at the highest level to secure resources, policies and opportunities that help utilities do their job effectively.
My organization is not a water utility, can we join?

Yes. Although GWOPA’s membership is composed primarily of public water and sanitation utilities, other organizations that support progress towards sustainable access to water and sanitation are valuable, Download the application pack for more details.

What is individual membership?

Although GWOPA is mainly an alliance of organisations, you can join as an individual with or without affiliation to an organisation to show your support. Individual members often participate actively in GWOPA communication activities and contribute to the communities of practice by bringing their expertise. Some use individual membership as a first step to securing institutional membership. Please note: Individual members cannot stand for election to the International Steering Committee or other governing bodies.

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