COVID-19 is a global health pandemic, with major societal and economic consequences. Access to safe water and sanitation services is essential. Efforts to extend WASH services to reach everyone, and maintain service provision throughout and beyond the crisis, will save lives and limit the social and economic fallout.

To support vital peer exchange and partnerships during these difficult times, GWOPA is hosting a series of webinars aimed at supporting utilities by sharing good practice.

Latest webinar recording

The tracking of COVID-19 brings new relevance to wastewater. Studies on COVID-19 have shown that the virus is shed in faeces and hence collected in the sewerage systems in cities. This webinar will address how wastewater and faecal sludge monitoring can potentially serve as a cost-effective “early-warning” mechanism to identify hotspots.



Outcomes from our previous webinars
Lessons from Beyond the curve
Lessons from Beyond the curve
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Slowing the Spread in Slums
Crisis Management
Crisis Management Strategy


COVID and Wastewater

Forthcoming webinar topics

• Worker wellbeing
• Communication / Engagement with customers
• Liquidity and Supply chain management
• WOPs in the time of COVID