Webinar Series: Water Utilities in the Fight Against COVID-19

COVID-19 is a global health pandemic, with major societal and economic consequences. Access to safe water and sanitation services is essential. Efforts to extend WASH services to reach everyone, and maintain service provision throughout and beyond the crisis, will save lives and limit the social and economic fallout.

Especially in these uncertain times, water utilities are turning to their peers for information, inspiration and support. GWOPA and its partners are committed to promoting and enabling not-for-profit knowledge exchange and partnership. This is why we are convening a series of webinars around COVID-19 pandemic responses and challenges faced by water and sanitation operators.

The webinars aim to share solutions and exchange knowledge about effective COVID-19 Pandemic responses with operators at different stages of the pandemic; raise and discuss emerging issues facing operators as the coronavirus pandemic evolves, inform advocacy, partnerships and learning activities; and catalyze further knowledge sharing and partnership between GWOPA partners and community members regarding the pandemic and beyond.

GWOPA is collaborating with its utility networks and partner organizations to share experience and knowledge. Participants interact directly with panelists and experts on crucial topics to enhance expertise. Webinars are recorded and archived for convenient on-demand access.

Next webinar

As countries were hit hard and unexpectedly, water and sanitation operators have had the duty to make efforts that have required immediate organisational and operational measures. The webinar will review emergency responses, measures adopted and management approaches, with a view to also open a conversation on the future, including sustainable operational changes and planning for resilience.


Upcoming webinars

Topics under preparation:

• Worker wellbeing
• Communication / Engagement with customers
• Liquidity and Supply chain management
• COVID in Wastewater – risks and opportunities
• WOPs in the time of COVID

Past webinars

To facilitate knowledge exchange in a context where traveling is barely permitted, GWOPA, GIZ, BMZ and the German Water Partnership convened the first of a series of webinars for water utilities worldwide. More than 100 operators engaged in a conversation that featured the experience of German utilities in responding to the crisis. Representatives of utilities reflected on challenges they face and the ways to overcome them. Read more

Water utilities are playing a central role to ensure water and soap are in everyone’s hands in a bout to hamper the spread of COVID-19. These efforts often target peri-urban communities and slums where densities and poor hygiene conditions favour rapid outbreak. What are these efforts and how are they being implemented? What new technology, partnerships and other innovations are being brought to life through these concerted efforts? What challenges do they imply? And as utility revenues drop, who is paying for them? Read more