Strategy & Guiding Principles

Local water and sanitation service providers are key to the SDGs

From public utilities that supply water and sewerage services to millions of customers in capital cities, to small units in local governments of small towns and community-based operators in rural areas or slums, water operators provide fundamental services that enable progress in virtually all aspects of sustainable development.

Water and sanitation service providers, connected through GWOPA’s solidarity based network, are sharing and helping one another improve services for all and achieve local and global objectives.

GWOPA’s Strategy 2020-2024 situates Water Operators’ Partnerships as key to localizing the SDGs and ensuring universal access to water and sanitation.


The GWOPA 2020-2024 strategy draws from the inputs from GWOPA’s wide network of member organizations, evaluations of its previous strategy, and over 10 years of experience. It situates WOPs as an approach for localizing the SDGs, and positions GWOPA’s Secretariat as the global convener, catalyzer, advocate and knowledge broker for WOPs within its growing global alliance. GWOPA will implement the strategy in collaboration with its partners and with the strong support of German BMZ.



The Global WOPs Alliance and the WOPs it supports are oriented by a number of Guiding Principles. The principles were articulated during GWOPA’s Foundation Meeting in 2009 and subsequently adopted in the GWOPA Charter. The charter was updated in 2020 and is pending final approval by the GWOPA Assembly (May 2023). Access the new GWOPA Charter here.

Members of GWOPA are expected to respect these principles in their WOP activities.

Inclusiveness | Not-for-profit Partnerships | Supporting efforts worldwide | Mutual benefit | Transparency
Building on the past and others | Fostering sustainable change | Creating a culture of solidarity