WOP-Africa is the regional hub for WOPs in sub-Saharan Africa. The program is led by the African Water Association (AfWA), the regional WOP platform was established in Johannesburg in 2007 by representatives of over 50 African Water Utilities

Although twinning and partnerships had long been practiced in Africa, the Hashimoto Action Plan created the momentum and political will to build an African platform to significantly scale up WOPs on the continent. GWOPA supported the first year of the platform by funding the position of the Programme Manager, supporting initial twinning activities and helping the African Water Association (AfWA) secure funds for its WOPs programs.  The Secretariat is based in Abidjan, Ivory Coast, at AfWA’s headquarters and is responsible for core functions:

  •       Overall planning, coordination and monitoring
  •       Fundraising and financial planning
  •       Liaisons with GWOPA
  •       Communication and dissemination
  •       Demand-based TA and support to help groups of partners to prepare sub-programs/project