GWOPA is directly supporting 9 WOPs in various African countries that will support operators to develop short-, mid- and long-term Performance Improvement Plans to ensure sustainable improvements in their services.

OFID (the OPEC Fund for International Development) and GWOPA have entered, following a first collaboration for 10 African WOPs in 2013-2015, in a new Agreement to help five water and sanitation utilities in Africa and Asia, to implement Short Term Action Plans and develop Medium Term Sustainability Improvement Plans (SIP) through WOPs. The African Water Association (AfWA) and WaterLinks coordinate at regional level the implementation of the WOPs projects with the utilities involved.

From November 2018 until November 2021, high-performing water operators will mentor operators from Africa and Asia-Pacific to strengthen their capacity, to implement ‘quick win’ improvements and to prepare for the implementation of Medium-term Sustainability Improvement Plans (MTSIP) through a set of 5 WOPs and inter-regional facilitated exchanges. The mentee utilities will implement a pilot project with a small grant of 100,000 USD each.

The new initiative is aligned with GWOPA’s new strategy of implementing WOPs directly through regional partners and focusing on guidance, tools and methodology.



  • Initiate sustainable change in five water and sanitation utilities to reach the SDGs at local level, implementing STAP including pilot projects; and developing 5 MTSIPs.


Description of actions

 Project developed in three phases:

Phase I: Preparation Phase (6 months)

  • Scoping
  • Partnership Formalization
  • Kick-off Event

WOP Implementation Phase (24 months)

  • Mentee Diagnosis and short term action plan Preparation
  • Exposure Visit
  • STAP Implementation
  • MTSIP Formulation
  • GWOPA’s support throughout Implementation Period

WOP Implementation Phase (24 months)

  • Closing Workshop
  • Dissemination of Knowledge products
  • Supporting MTSIP Uptake