Diverse work areas selected by utilities under OFID SIP WOP project

Under the OFID funded Safety Improvement Plan WOP project, the participating utilities have identified focus areas for improvement and initiative collaboration.

Following the launch in 2019, several online training sessions on GWOPA’s guidance tools have supported initiation of the the project, and various benchmarking visits were conducted in 2019.

Work areas of the WOPs 

The average number of working areas for the WOPs in this program is 3 (excluding Chittagong with 6 themes) and Non-revenue water is the most chosen work area, followed by Customer care and service, and Billing and collection. The third important themes are Asset management and GIS. The other themes were only selected once: HR, IT, OM and services to the poor. GIS, Billing and Collection and AM have been selected only in Asia, while service to the Poor has been selected only by (one) African mentee.