WWX Fights COVID: 8,000 Students With Access to Hand Wash Stations in Morogoro, Tanzania

In an outstanding effort to protect people from the COVID-19 virus, Morogoro Urban Water Supply and Sanitation Authority (MORUWASA), in partnership with World Waternet, and as part of the WaterWorx project, installs hand wash stations in 8 schools, helping thousands of people get the necessary hygienic conditions to protect their health.

To date, there are 509 confirmed cases and 21 deaths in Morogoro, Tazania, in a town with a population of 315,866 according to a 2012 census. MORUWASA, utility that ensures that people of Morogoro Municipality get safe and clean water, has mobilized financial resources from the WaterWorX project with Waternet in order to address the COVID-19 crisis.

The goal: to install as many hand wash stations as possible in schools of Morogoro. The result: success.

The scope and impact of this initiative is remarkable. MORUWASA has installed hand wash stations in Kilakala, Morogoro, Mafiga, and Kihonda secondary schools; and in Msamvu and Mtwala kindergartens and primary schools. Only in Mafiga secondary school, 1,230 students and 58 teachers have improved their access to water; 1,300 students and 48 teachers, in Mtwala primary school. In total, over 8,000 students and 400 teachers are benefitting from the results of this project.

Msamvu kindergarten & primary school
Mtwala primary school









Mafiga secondary school
Use of pumps to lift water to tanks









Annemarie Weijenberg, Project leader WaterWorx Tanzania working for World Waternet, in a conversation with GWOPA, expressed how impressive it is that so many people are benefitting from this initiative: “Joining hands, working together can make a great difference.”


WaterWorX project between Waternet and MORUWASA aims for more equal distribution of the water sources, more secure and constant water delivery and increased access to drinking water within the municipality. More information.