WOPs at the Dubai Expo 2020 Development Week

Speaking at the online event, No limits: Solutions for Last Mile Services in Slums and Informal Settlements, Mai Flor, Executive Director of WaterLinks, highlighted the contribution and further potential of WOPs to help face water and sanitation access challenges in Asia.

Although 30% of people in Asia face acute water access challenges and some water operators are losing up to 70% of their treated water, Mai Flor highlighted that progress is being made in developing Asia. Drawing on the work of WaterLinks and GWOPA as a network, she highlighted that WOPs are supporting operators to improve their operations and have already helped over 3,000 utility staff in Asia to build their capacity through partnerships. Elaborating on the potential for WOPs to also support access in informal settlements, Mai Flor added that this is an upcoming and trending area of focus for WOPs among Asian operators.
Watch the full session.