PDAM Semarang-VEI webinar on ‘data driven DMA-operations in scaling-up NRW reduction’

Every 3-4 months, Non-Revenue Water practitioners (currently 75 COP members) meet online to share experiences and inspire each other in day-to-day efforts – to reduce leakage flows (in doing so achieve cost savings, improve water availability for other users) and improve ‘revenue water’ (sales).

Having completed a top-down (company-level) and bottom-up (DMA-level) assessment of the NRW volume and IWA components, the team of the WaterWorX WOP between PDAM Semarang and VEI succeeded in reducing prevalent leakage flows in a pilot DMA through the installation of a Pressure Reducing Valves (PRVs). Through a network of strategically located flow/pressure sensors (currently 34), the established NRW Team (previously an ‘informal’ Task Force) is scaling up this approach company-wide.