Dealing with customers is fun! The value of boosting customer feedback in water utilities

A tapestry on the wall and comfortable chairs create a homely atmosphere in the newly opened customer room. With what seemingly small changes to a business space, WaterWorX Indonesian local utility Perumda Sragen took a big step.

This is a major change at Perumda Sragen where management of customer complaints has not really been the focus until now. After a few (online) presentations from Han Dijkhuizen (Customer & Market at the mentor utility Oasen, The Netherlands) about complaints handling, customer satisfaction and database building, the Indonesian colleagues came up with the idea of ​​setting up a customer room where they can receive customers who have questions and complaints. Instead of finding it difficult to receive a complaint, Perumda Sragen now sees the value of the customer feedback.

With tips from Oasen, Sigit, Sragen’s team leader of customer service, is piloting the initiative. Following the motto “dealing with customers is fun!”, employees of Sragen are taking it up energetically and are enthusiastic. Customers have been visiting the customer room since May 2020 and the initial reactions have been positive. The local utility together with Oasen will analyze and prioritize the complaints received.

The key is not to be scared, but to get started!


Photo caption: Employees of Perumda Sragen receive customers with questions for the first time in the newly furnished customer room