Through Water Operator Partnerships (WOPs) between Dutch and local water companies, WaterWorX is working on long term sustainable water services by improving the utilities’ capacity building and performance.

Climate change, increasing water scarcity and population growth are huge challenges for (drinking) water supply systems. Worldwide 884 million people still lack access to potable water while 2,4 billion people do not have access to sanitation facilities. To achieve Sustainable Development Goal 6 (SDG6), access to water and sanitation for all, Water Operators’ Partnerships (WOPs) are crucial.


WaterWorX (WWX) is a partnership of public water operators to increase access to sustainable water services for 10 million people between 2017-2030. WaterWorX is co-funded and jointly implemented by the Dutch Ministry of Foreign Affairs (DGIS), the 10 Dutch water operators and local water operators throughout  Africa, Asia and South America.

By working together in WOPs, water utilities can improve operational, maintenance, financial and administrative processes. In doing so, the continued strength of WaterWorX stands out in building and strengthening the capacity of local counterparts to make lasting improvements that increase access to sustainable water services and generate viable pro-poor investment propositions.


  1. strengthening the financial, technical and social sustainability of the local partner water companies in order to make sustainable drinking water available to millions of people in developing and transition countries
  2. strengthening the enabling environment including laws and regulations, financing and policies in which water companies are encouraged to function properly and enhance their performance
  3. increasing access to water infrastructure investment finance, by developing investment proposals and engaging with domestic and international financing institutions and banks
The WaterWorX Programme aims to increase sustainable access
to drinking water to 10 million people by 2030



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GWOPA is supporting this initiative with knowledge and advocacy to promote such programmes replicated around the world.

Moreover, the BEWOP3 project, third phase of the joint initiative of GWOPA and IHE Delft of Boosting Effectiveness of Water Operators’ Partnerships project, is aimed at supporting the WOPs developed under the WaterWorX Programme through knowledge management, and increasing global visibility of the WOP concept.


…during the ‘Global Citizen 2015 Earth Day celebrations’ in Washington DC on 18 April 2015, the former Foreign Trade and Development Cooperation Minister Lilianne Ploumen, announced the commitment of the Dutch government to contribute to safe water for 30 million people and clean toilets for 50 million people. This is part of the WASH strategy to contribute to achieving universal access to water and sanitation services for all by 2030 (SDG6).


“WaterWorX is a global community of peers. It is unique and empowering to have so many experts working for water utilities across the globe sharing knowledge and expertise. Together we are working towards the same goal: providing people with sustainable access to safely managed water supply.”


Anke Verheij
WaterWorX Programme Coordinator



“A single water utility is a drop in the ocean. Together, WOPs are an ocean.”

Krijn Driessen
VEI Project Leader in Accra, Ghana





“WaterWorX is built on behavior. This is led by attitude. The right attitude leads to the right behavior, which strengthens the right behavior.”

Sandra Nhapi
LPC Project Leader in Harare, Zimbabwe




“We make soft music not just loud sound. By trying to make small changes in many aspects of the water company we create a coherent song which people like to listen to.”

Vera Lagendijk
VEI Project Leader in Mandalay, Myanmar