EYDAP, Greece, Halts Disconnections and Provides Extra Leave Days to Vulnerable Employees

One of the main concerns is to secure business continuity and uninterrupted service during the COVID-19 crisis period

As soon as the emergency measures against COVID-19 by the Greek Government were announced, a COVID-19 Crisis Management Team was organized in EYDAP, the largest water supply and sewerage services company in Greece, which serves approximately 40% of the country’s population. Among other things, the Team set up contingency plans for the water and sewerage sectors. Keeping employees safe, organizing 14 day work shifts, promoting remote working have been the main pillars of the tactics developed towards this direction.

The first pillar, keeping employees safe, is top priority for EYDAP. The COVID-19 Crisis Management Team monitors the current situation and constantly proposes and implements safety and health measures and communication actions in order to ensure employees’ safety.

EYDAP, wherever it is possible, provides its staff with the ability of remote working. Furthermore, it proceeds to safety and hygiene actions within its premises (technical sites and office buildings), such as the installation of antiseptic solutions, glass dividers in customer service centers as well as provision of gloves, masks and other means of personal protection.

Aligning with the governmental directives, EYDAP provides its employees who are parents with extra leave days as the schools in Greece are currently closed until further notice. Moreover, the Company provides extra leave days to its vulnerable staff members, to support and safeguard them from health and safety risks.


Ensuring the equal access to water during the crisis

The utility suspended any scheduled water supply interruption due to debt, for as long as the emergency measures against COVID-19 last. Additionally, the Company has taken all the necessary measures so as to keep active settlement plans, in case of outdated installments.


Maintaining constant communication with the customers

EYDAP, in order to eliminate customer and employee personal interaction and ensure their safety, announced the operations suspension of all the customer service centers during the COVID-19 epidemic, whereas at the same time enforced the 24/7 customers service landline. EYDAP further enhanced the digital services offered to its customers, through the online platform eEYDAP, where the customer continues having access to multiple services such as e-bill, e-payment, water meter monitoring, digital application for various issues, as well as online submission of various requests.


Supporting Greece’s National Health System during the COVID-19 crisis

EYDAP remains one of the largest corporate citizens in Greece. Following its corporate responsibility philosophy, the Company donated €2,000,000 in order to support Greece’s National Health System during the COVID-19 epidemic. The donation is for the supply with medical, hospital equipment and other consumables of the hospitals as well as for the reinforcement of the intensive care units. Furthermore, an additional provision of € 500,000 has been forecasted for the supply of free water to the reference hospitals.