Okataban-man Low Income Community in Accra enjoys access to safe water

In the framework of WaterWorX Programme, the Dutch VEI and Ghana Water Company Limited (GWCL) have worked on the commission of a new distribution network for the community of Okataban-ban.

In Ghana, over 50% of the urban communities are defined as low income communities. They often rely on third party vendors or unprotected sources as shallow wells, lakes and rivers for their water needs. Daily, many woman and children spend a lot of time to fetch water, and specifically the poor communities often pay significantly more for their water or use unprotected sources.

The local water utility Ghana Water Company Limited (GWCL) is responsible for urban water supply in Ghana. For over 10 years GWCL has been cooperating with VEI to increase access and improve performance and realize a more sustainable water supply within the urban areas. As a result, over 15 communities, reaching over 120,000 people throughout Ghana, now enjoy improved access to drinking water and / or WASH facilities within their schools.

In 2018, VEI and GWCL established a new Water Operator Partnership under the WaterWorX Programme. This partnership focuses on improved supply and access to drinking water within 3 districts in the Greater Accra Metropolitan Assembly. As part of this partnership, on December 5th, 2019 a new distribution network for the community of Okataban-ban has been commissioned. This project was funded by the Water for Life foundation, WaterWorX and GWCL.

The available funding has been used to construct a distribution network, standpipes and a subsidy is offered to those not able to afford the connection fee but do have the ability to pay their water bill. Through this joint project more than 15,000 people will gain access to affordable piped water in their compounds.

GWCL, with the support of donors (including Water for Life), has established a unique Low Income Customer Unit. This unit is focused realizing affordable and sustainable solutions in order to increase access to safely managed drinking water for the urban poor. In 2019 the unit successfully managed to connect almost 10,000 low-income households to GWCL’s affordable piped water supply.

During the commissioning Nii Shika Gborbilor, the Chief of Okataban-man, emphasis that having access to drinking water within your compound is a first step to further development of a community.


Water for Life is a foundation supported by the Dutch drinking water companies Vitens, Evides, WML and Water Company Groningen. Their customers can become permanent donors and donate money through their water bills. Both customers and non-customers can make a single donation or raise money through events they organize themselves.

Water for Life believes every persons deserves access to drinking water and a toilet.