PWN and VEI partner to pursue universal water services delivery

PWN is the newest Dutch partner of VEI. Together, PWN and VEI will pursue our shared dream of universal water services for all.

With this new partnership, VEI is now able to share the expertise of in total seven Dutch partners – Vitens, Evides Waterbedrijf, WML, Waterbedrijf Groningen, Brabant Water, WLN and PWN – with colleague water operators around the world. These 7 Dutch water partners of VEI, with a joint workforce of almost 4,000 employees and water supply for 14 million people in the Netherlands, have extensive and lasting experience that is worth sharing.

PWN is a Dutch water operator: supplying drinking water to more than 800,000 households, companies and institutions in the province of North Holland. 1.7 million customers use around 112 billion liters of drinking water supplied by PWN every year. PWN purifies surface water into drinking water, in Andijk, Heemskerk and in the dune area. The dunes of North Holland are indispensable in the drinking water supply. As a dune manager, PWN ensures that the dunes remain healthy taking care of the wealth of flora and fauna in the dunes.

VEI is a ‘not-for-profit’ organization that implements peer supported partnerships between water operators worldwide, aiming to share knowledge and skills to make the utilities stronger, healthier and more resilient. VEI builds the capacity of a utility that demands for assistance or guidance through facilitating peer-to-peer exchange of skills, knowledge and goodwill. Established in 2004 by Dutch water operators, VEI has developed into an effective organisation that is engaged in implementing peer supported partnerships with dozens of water operators in more than 20 countries worldwide, capacitating hundreds of employees from water utilities, and providing over 300,000 people with improved access to water services, mostly from low-income areas in Africa, Asia and South America.

This article was originally published in VEI’s site.