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BEWOP Tool Series: Asset Management Software Tool

 Author: IHE Delft  Categories / Tags: Tools and Guidance   Date: 2019  Area: All  Language: English  Topics: Asset Management  Tags: BEWOP |  Download

In the traditional planning of maintenance routines, focus was almost exclusively on the asset condition and assets are replaced only when they are (known to be) about to fail. However, modern asset management understands that the asset’s condition should only be part of the total assessment, another essential part being the consequence of failures. From this conception, risk-based renewal planning is now at the heart of infrastructure asset management. Under the BEWOP initiative, IHE Delft has developed an easy to use desktop software tool that (once input data is provided with EPANET) does the otherwise difficult and time-consuming calculations for risk-based analysis of water networks.

Dr. Assela Pathirana has developed a software tool (RRPAMWDS) that demonstrates the concepts of Risk-Based Decision Making and Whole Life Cost Analysis concepts using water distribution networks as examples.

Access the RRPAM-WDS software here.