Welcome messages for GWOPA from Bonn partners

UN-Habitat GWOPA has received warm welcome messages from key partners in the secretariat’s new home, Bonn, Germany.  Since the beginning of Urban October, numerous partner organisations have submitted video messages showing their support for GWOPA’s work and reinforcing their commitment to collaboration with the Alliance to help secure the vision of sustainable water and sanitation for all.

The German Federal Ministry for Cooperation and Development (BMZ), represented by Ms. Birgit Pickel, submitted the message on the 2020 edition of World Cities Day and highlighted that the current COVID-19 crisis, “sheds light on the lifesaving importance of access to sustainable water and sanitation services.” She added that Water Operators’ Partnerships are a key instrument of Germany’s support to reach more people and reiterated the support of BMZ to work together with GWOPA.

Speaking of the arrival of the programme, the Mayor of Bonn, Ashok Sridhara, highlighted the GWOPA was a, “perfect addition to the UN Bonn family and international sustainability hub.” The city of Bonn along with a number of other partners contributed to the winning bid that led to GWOPA being hosted in the former German capital (more).

Responding to the messages on World Cities Day, UN-Habitat’s Executive Director, Maimunah Mohd Sharif said they where uplifting and encouraging signs from UN-Habitat’s partners in Bonn and Germany.

Full playlist of videos: