WaterWorX WOP in Bamako connects 1000 households to taps

The WaterWorX WOP Project between SOMAGEP-SA and Waternet (Amsterdam Water Company) financed the connection to the tap of 1,000 low-income households in the city of Bamako, Mali.

In the framework of the Kabala Project, 100,000 social connections were granted to the populations of Bamako. The cost of the social connection was 20,000 CFA francs, which is not affordable for many of the population.

The WaterWorX Project, in partnership with SOMAGEP-SA, decided to contribute to reach 20,000,000 CFA francs to finance the water connection. This project is part of the pro-poor activities of the WaterWorX Programme which intends to help vulnerable people in certain districts of the District of Bamako.

WOPs are strongly committed to build the capacities of staff. The WaterWorX WOP project with SOMAGEP-SA organized workshops which prepared the various actors and stakeholders involved to effectively the project of social connections. During the workshops, participants learned to identify the difficulties that can hinder the successful completion of activities and to propose accompanying measures to facilitate the implementation of the project, among many others.

The event to deliver the contracts’ subscription to the lucky beneficiaries was held on November 2020 at Kalabancoro Agency, and with the participation of the Project Coordinator, Ruth Wijland. The Head of Agency, Hyacinthe Sanou and the Assistant to the Head of project, Mr. Thierno SISSOKO, were also present at the ceremony.

Mr. Diadié Cisse, one of the beneficiaries of this project, who received his contract from the hands of the Project coordinator, Ruth Wijland, said: “It is in difficult times that we recognize our true friends. We thank the WaterWorX Project thanks to which we now have these social connections free of charge.”

Same story with Nathalie Sidibé, resident in Kalabancoro: “I am very pleased with this initiative. We suffered from the absence of the tap in our house, located in an area where it is almost impossible to dig a well for less than 500,000 CFA francs.”

Moussa Coulibaly, beneficiary from the Banankabougou Commercial Agency, said during the ceremony: “I am speechless. The water problem was very serious in our neighborhood. I thank the SOMAGEP-SA in addition to the Project for everything they have done for make water accessible to the population.”


The full article was originally published at SOMAGEP’s Filet d’O N115