Thousands gather at the 4th Global WOPs Congress to work together to achieve universal access to water and sanitation

Worldwide, 2.1 billion people are still without safe water, available whenever they need it. Figures relating to sanitation are even more alarming with 4.5 billion still lacking safe services that protect them from disease.

For most of the world’s population, local public utilities are their lifeline to water and sanitation services. These services are human rights, and access to them underpins virtually every SDG.

Strong water and sanitation utilities have a proven track record of being effective mentors to other utilities striving to respond to the challenges and improve their performance. Water Operators’ Partnerships (WOPs) work by mobilizing the skills of professionals and workers in well-performing utilities to mentor their peers to improve.

With its over 30 online sessions, the 4th Global WOPs Congress served as the global stage to advocate for more and better WOPs.

Over 1,800 WOPs practitioners and their partners from all around the globe gathered to discuss the pressing issues facing water and sanitation service providers – access for all, climate adaptation, circular development, as well as advancing sanitation. More than 50 GWOPA partner organisations joined as co-convenors, moderators and speakers.

Watch the recordings of the sessions here

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