EU-WOP Stories from the Field

Throughout the year, many partners have shared stories about their EU-WOP projects around the world on their social media channels, the EU-WOP CoP as well as with GWOPA. Their stories have brought attention to the WOP practice, increasing awareness and trust among relevant technical, financial, and political actors.

Why you should share your EU WOP Story

Communication and visibility are very important in the EU-WOP programme. Sharing stories, for example, about your partnerships with your local communities, stakeholders, or the global water community – be it through events, social media or the GWOPA network – helps raise awareness about the value and impact of your cooperation initiative. It can encourage more utilities to support their peers in providing sustainable water and sanitation for all. It can also help build more local support for your initiative.

Here’s How to Share

  • To share a story from the field (see a post from Hamburg Wasser International on LinkedIn)


  • Showcase your work at important events (see a post from GodawariPrabalya WASH on the Global WOP Community)

  • To see stories shared by peers (see a post from Hargeisa Water Agency, Somaliland, on LinkedIn)

  • For examples of EU-WOP in the local press (see a post from IWK Mentor Team, Perumda PALD Team and WaterlInks on the Global WOP Community)

For inspiration and guidance on sharing about your WOP project, see a helpful resource on EU-WOP CoP  and EU-WOP Padlet


Keeping the EU in the Loop

The European Union representative offices at the country level are called ‘European Union Delegations’ (EUDs). EUDs in EU-WOP beneficiary countries are essential to keep informed of your EU-WOP projects and to include them in your important events. EUDs can help ensure your WOP project is well connected with relevant activities, including investments, at the country level, and their support is indispensable for any EU-WOP project to be considered for Phase II. Please keep them in the loop, and if you don’t know your EU-WOP focal point, we can connect you.

Did you know that many EU Delegations are active on social media? Search for them on X, LinkedIn, and Facebook and tag them in your posts. And do not forget to use the hashtags #EUWOP and #fundedbyEU.



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