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BEWOP Tool Series: Roadmap to non-revenue water reduction and management

 Author: IHE Delft  Categories / Tags: Tools and Guidance   Date: 2019  Area: All  Language: English  Tags: BEWOP |  Download

NRW reduction and management is a major challenge; it needs vision and commitment from management, contributions from many departments and intensive collaboration between employees. Also, the challenge to reduce NRW includes technical, cultural and organizational changes. Usually, quick-wins can be achieved within 2-3 months but sustainable results can only be achieved after several years of efforts when structural changes are implemented.

The objective of the Non-Revenue Water reduction training Tool is to give a guiding framework for the long-term NRW management process, as well as hands-on support with project planning and execution. The main goals of the approach are: reduction of NRW, long-term management of NRW, improved customer satisfaction, improved collection, effective debt management, and the affordability of water for the poorest part of the population.

The tools support mentor water utility staff with NRW training as well as project planning and execution, and to support all mentee utility staff that work on NRW activities, whether they be trainers, managers, team leaders, commercial officers or plumbers.

Access the full Non-Revenue Water Reduction Training Tool here.