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BEWOP Tool Series: Green Utility Toolkit

 Author: IHE Delft  Categories / Tags: Tools and Guidance   Date: 2019  Area: All  Language: English  Topics: Climate Change Adaptation/Mitigation Resilience  Tags: BEWOP |  Download

The Green Utility Toolkit is a self-assessment strategic planning and monitoring tool for water and wastewater utilities that are interested and willing to improve their practices in a sustainable and environmentally-conscious manner. As such, the terms ‘green’ and ‘greening’ refer to the processes and activities that can be implemented by utilities to support their development along the 3 pillars of sustainability – Social, Environmental, and Economical – while considering a long-term business horizon.

Through a didactic participatory session, identify what being “green” is for your organization and develop a coherent plan of action and monitoring.

Access the full Green Utility Toolkit here