The EU-WOP Phase II is almost here

A new phase of the EU program is at an advanced stage of development. Building on the promising first phase, the EU phase two is set to get underway in 2025. The new phase will add approximately  €10 million Euros over five years to support new WOPs and expand or scale up successful WOPs from Phase I. In addition to the thematic areas covered in phase one, the new phase strongly emphasizes human rights and encourages leveraging investments and digital tools to support their realization.

Over the past few months, GWOPA has consulted with utilities in Africa, LAC, Asia and Europe to gather feedback and ideas from the field on the design of this second phase. The new phase will also draw on lessons from implementation gathered through research and programme evaluations.

See Arnaud de Vanssay, Head of EU DG-INTPA’s Water Unit, explain (from 0.50 – 24:00)