Key administration deadlines

In order to keep you updated on upcoming deadlines, here are the important dates for your calendar.

Heads up on Reporting Deadline:  15 July  2024

The next reporting deadline for all EU WOP projects is 15 July 2024. Similar to last year, we expect your updated narrative reports to be shared by or before the deadline.

Unless you are making a payment request, you do NOT need to submit a financial report at this time.

Please start early to monitor your WOP to ensure your narrative reports are complete. Your narrative reports must include:

  • Summaries of the progress per working area for the period
  • Monitoring updates on the outputs, including evidence.
  • Reporting on capacity outcomes and partnership health

Requesting your next payment

  • If your project has consumed 80% of its latest installment, there is no need to wait until the reporting deadline to request your next payment. Please share an updated financial and narrative report with the payment request for the next installment.

Audits required prior to the final payment instalment

  • Prior to receiving the final payment installment, EU-WOP lead partners are reminded that they will need to submit an externally audited financial report Covering the full duration of the program and monies expended so far. For auditing terms of reference, see here


Partnership Management Platform – Making the most of your WOP monitoring tool

The PMP is GWOPA’s tailor-made monitoring platform for Water Operators’ Partnerships. It is designed for capacity development-focused partnerships to plan and communicate results. To make the most of its features and to ensure it is helping you plan, monitor, and report on your projects, the GWOPA Secretariat offers training on the tool. Please see our videos and FAQs or ask about your focal point.

One unique aspect of the PMP is that it is meant to be used by all WOP partners! This helps collect a wider view of WOP progress and the health of the partnership.

GWOPA is constantly trying to improve this tool, including its user-friendliness. We continue to welcome your feedback. If you have anything new to share with us, feel free to reach out to


Project Extensions

Most EU-WOP projects are due to close in the first half of 2025, after 36 months of implementation. Partners are encouraged to plan for full implementation before the end of their agreement.

Projects experiencing delays can request no cost extensions to these agreements, beginning later in 2024 (instruction on this will be communicated as soon as possible. If you are anticipating making an extension request, please notify your focal point). Any such extensions to the current phase would be short (up to 6 months in duration) and subject to approval. Project leads are therefore encouraged to keep as tightly as possible with the original implementation schedule. Where extension requests are not requested or approved, agreements will eclipse at their project end date, and partners will return any unused funds.