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WOP Case Studies: Belize Water Services – Contra Costa Water District

 Author: GWOPA  Categories / Tags: WOP Case Studies, WOP Cases  Date: 2024  Area: Latin America and Caribbean  Language: English  Topics: Asset Management Billing and Collection Customer Care/Service Operation and Maintenance  Download

This case study details the WOP between Belize Water Services and Contra Costa Water District (California, USA).

In May 2009, BWS staff and the former General Manager of CCWD met at a regional Caribbean water-related meeting. This first contact led to exchanges on hand-held meter-readers and, three months later, an informal visit of Customer Service staff from Belize to shadow their peers at CCWD. In May 2010, the heads of BWS and CCWD again met informally during a NRW workshop organized by the IADB in Belize, where they discussed partnership possibilities. Soon afterwards, they asked the WOP-LAC platform to secure funds and facilitate the formalization of a WOP.