The longer term goals of the Association as defined in its Constitution:

  1. To serve as the principal water and wastewater voice of and for the Pacific Island nations and   utilities; and
  2. To develop expertise in the Pacific for the sustainable management of water and wastewater services by shaping a cohesive, proficient and robust water and wastewater sector.

The membership comprises various Pacific water stakeholders including 31 Pacific Island water and wastewater utilities across 21 countries (known as members); international water authorities and associations (known as affiliated members), and private sector equipment and service supply companies, contractors and consultants (known as allied members), and interested individuals.

The Association aspires to achieve these objectives through skill development, by the setting and upholding of standards, through advocacy, by the inclusion and advancement of gender equity in the water and wastewater services sector and by collaboration among the members of the Association and with third parties.


Modernizing PWWA, building its governance structure and establishing its permanent Secretariat would not have been possible without the tremendous assistance of its partners – the Australian Water Partnership (AWP) and the generous support of the Government of Samoa.

The Asian Development Bank (ADB) through its Water Financing Partnership Facility (WFPF) has been unceasingly supporting PWWA with its annual Conference, EXPO and Ministerial Forum.  PWWA has had a long and fruitful association and collaboration with ADB

The World Bank has extensively been supporting PWWA with its annual Benchmarking Data Collection which measures the performance of all member utilities of PWWA.


1. Benchmarking

The PWWA benchmarking started in 2010 to contribute to the PWWA vision and mission and attract attention of utilities, development partners, customers and all concerned parties to the water sector of the Pacific Islands.  Since 2011 PWWA uses the tools and instruments of the international Benchmarking of Water and Sanitation Utilities of the World Bank (IBNET) to collect data.

2. Capacity Building of Utilities and Governance

Part of PWWA’s role is to coordinate with donors and other institutions a training program or partnerships for our utilities to address gaps that are identified as part of the benchmarking exercise and also its training needs analysis

3. Annual Conference and Expo

This is an annual event for the water and wastewater sector in the Pacific islands bringing together like minded professionals, leaders in water and wastewater in the public and private sector, leaders in the political arena from across the Pacific to share experiences and knowledge, learn from each other and build new relationships. The private sector from around the Pacific and especially from Australia and New Zealand will also have the opportunity to exhibit their products and any emerging technologies at the EXPO and network with representatives of 30 utilities from around the pacific.

4. Young Water Professionals Program

The Young Water Professional (YWP) Program is a flagship program for PWWA and focuses on building leadership skills, mentoring with experts from the region, sharing ideas on resolving emerging issues developing “together” innovative solutions and most importantly promoting and strengthening the roles of gender equality in the sector.

5.Ministerial Forum

The inaugural Pacific Water Ministers Meeting was convened as part of the 8th Pacific Water and Wastewater Conference in PNG, August 2015. At that meeting, the Ministers as leaders of the region in this critical sector, made the commitments as set out in the PNG Ministerial Communique on the Pacific Water Agenda. The Ministers agreed and committed to lead and champion the Pacific Water Agenda by elevating the water and sanitation challenges faced by our member countries into prominence at the regional and international levels.

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Pitolau Lusia Sefo Leau, Chief Executive Officer

Misileti Satuala, Development Project Coordinator