Enable WOPs

WOPs are well-known, widely supported and funded

To achieve the desired scale-up of the WOPs practice, dedicated effort is needed to raise consciousness about the challenges facing water utilities and the opportunities for addressing them. The WOPs practice needs to become better known and trusted by the relevant technical, financial and political actors, as a cost-effective mechanism for achieving concrete local objectives, such as improving services for customers and financial sustainability, while contributing to the global and aspirational visions embraced by the Declaration on the Human Rights to Water and Sanitation and Agenda 2030. Governments, financiers and decision-makers must furthermore be encouraged to adopt or implement frameworks, policies and strategies that facilitate or enhance WOP practice.

  • Communications aimed to increase awareness and appreciation of WOPs
  • Advocating for WOP – and utility friendly positions within international, national and local policies, laws and frameworks
  • Mobilizing WOP finance – expand the pool of funds available for the WOPs practice worldwide