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Policy Brief: Fighting COVID-19 Together – Are Utilities Getting the Support They Need?

 Author: GWOPA  Categories / Tags: Briefs, Papers and Briefs, Publications , Research Papers  Date: 2021  Language: English  Tags: covidcovid19policybrief |  Download

This Policy Brief provides an overview of the current context and relevant initiatives implemented by water and sanitation operators from low‐income to high-income countries in their responses to the COVID-19 pandemic. It explores the operators’ tools and mechanisms aimed at securing water, sanitation, and hygiene (WASH) services for all consumer groups, including the governmental and regulatory measures that seek to secure long-term service sustainability by providing technical and financial support to the operators. Accordingly, these instruments are assessed considering both the positive and the negative impacts of the pandemic that triggered sectoral responses from the operators.

All the initiatives, analysed at the occasion of the 4th Global Water Operators’ Partnership (WOPs) Congress, particularly the session titled “Fighting COVID-19 together – are Utilities Getting the Support They Need?”, intend to raise awareness on the range of operators’ responses to the current pandemic and support GWOPA’s members and partners’ understanding of the related issues. Finally, this Policy Brief is complemented and enhanced by several illustrative examples to highlight the operators’ good practices and lessons learned, and experiences shared during the GWOPA/GIZ #UtilitiesFightCovid19 webinars. The Policy Brief also builds upon the importance of not-for-profit partnerships and knowledge exchange. It provides essential guidance and recommendations to its target audience, including water and sanitation decision makers, regulators, operators, and, in general, all practitioners and stakeholders, on how to improve their contribution to COVID-19 prevention and response strategy.