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Workshop: Communicating about my WOPs

Tuesday, 23 May 2023
12:30 — 13:30
Berlin Room
Hamburg Wasser, GWOPA

When more individuals become aware of and discuss WOPs, there is a higher chance of receiving support and participation. The increase in WOPs will result in improved performance by operators and the provision of more sustainable services for everyone. It is important also to receive support from external parties, such as organizations and politicians, in order to create an effective social, financial, and political environment for WOPs. Your communication can encourage more people to take action or support the cause.

Hamburg Wasser and GWOPA are hosting a collaborative session that emphasizes the significance of communicating about WOPs among its members. The workshop will feature best practices from Hamburg Wasser and offer participants a chance to learn how to effectively engage with the public using communication tools to showcase their WOPs.

— Session Programme
  1. Welcoming participants
  2. Presentation: Communicating about my WOPs - why, how? and best practice from Hamburg Wasser
  3. Exercise: Let‘s communicate about your WOP!
  4. Wrap-up