Understanding Results in WOPs: Zoom in on EU WOP Projects

Wednesday, 24 May 2023
15:30 — 17:00
Kleiner Saal

The impacts of WOPs are frequently ¨invisible¨ to the water utility standard KPI performance metrics in the short and medium term. This frequently becomes a challenge when accounting for results, particularly towards donors. Yet, there is plenty of evidence of how WOPs contribute to positive changes at individual and organisational level that will ultimately lead to  improved performance  and  the ability of water utilities  to sustain it in time. This session aims at creating a better understanding and an improved practice on mapping the the impacts of WOPs in the short and medium term. The session will explain how results emerge in WOPs and use GWOPA’s Partnership Monitoring Platform to see how they can be captured and visualized. Zooming in on some of the early outcomes of the EU WOP partnerships, it will engage all participants in a practical results mapping exercise.

— Session Programme