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WS 8

Transitioning into digital asset management with mWater

Wednesday, 24 May 2023
10:30 — 12:30
Bonn Room
WaterAid, mWater

There are many contexts where water service providers are responsible for managing multiple small, discrete water supply systems across large geographical areas. Often times these schemes lack asset, performance, and monitoring data, making data-driven management of these systems impossible and ultimately contributing to poor service levels. Digital water supply network maps, performance data, and asset records are needed to diagnose problems, manage assets, and develop and implement proactive asset management strategies. Often the technical solutions proposed in the sector require complex GIS capacity and software license fees. To ensure a step change in the management of smaller water supply systems, there is a need for free, simple, mobile-friendly solutions that facilitate asset management and performance tracking.

Join mWater and WaterAid to learn how to use mWater, a free-to-use data management platform designed for the water and WASH sector, to map water supply systems, generate asset registers, and manage assets. The workshop will highlight asset management best practices in mWater and provide examples of how the Haiti government, the Eastern Umbrella of Water and Sanitation in Uganda, the Beacon Project in Nepal, and the Semarang Water Company in Indonesia are using mWater to improve management of water services.

In this workshop participants will learn how to:

  • Use the mWater Surveyor App to map water supply systems and collect asset data
  • Use the mWater Portal to visualise asset data to improve asset management
  • Use mWater to track maintenance activities and resolve issues on water supply systems

This is a workshop! Please come prepared to participate by bringing your smartphone to the session, installing the mWater Surveyor app, and creating an account. You can follow the instructions for creating an account on the mWater webpage. Help us prepare by completing this short survey to let us know you plan to attend.

— Session Programme

Moderator: Rob Fuller


(5 min) Welcome, introduction, and overview of the workshop (Rob Fuller, WaterAid)

(5 min) Introduction to mWater’s Water Asset System (John Feighery, mWater)

(10 min) National monitoring system for utilities in Haiti (John Feighery, mWater)

Asset mapping:

(25 min) 1st exercise: Map a water system and collect asset data using the mWater Surveyor App (Ellen Greggio, mWater and Jeanne Cole, WaterAid)

(10 min) Digitising asset data in Uganda with the Eastern Umbrella of Water and Sanitation (Eng. Patrick Kayizzi, Eastern Umbrella of Water and Sanitation)

Asset management in action:

(10 min) Tracking key performance indicators in Lahan, Nepal - The Beacon Project (Hannah Gray, WaterAid)

(10 min) Customer Surveys for effective service delivery in Semarang, Indonesia (Jurike Winarendri, Semarang Water Company)

(10 min) Questions for presenters

(25 min) 2nd exercise: Tracking issues and maintenance activities on water supply systems using mWater Surveys (Ellen Greggio, mWater and Jeanne Cole, WaterAid)

(5 min) Questions (All)

(5 min) Closing remarks (Rob Fuller, WaterAid)