Sanitation and Wastewater Management in SWOPs

Tuesday, 23 May 2023
10:30 — 12:00
Bonn Room
International Water Association, German Water Partnership, Waterlinks, Center for Water and Sanitation India, VEI

In the recent past, operator partnerships have shown a lot of success towards capacity building and knowledge sharing for water and sanitation utilities. Sanitation-focused operator partnerships (SWOPs) have proven to be complicated because more stakeholders are involved, and the fact that they encourage an inclusive approach toward sanitation service delivery (not only sewered sanitation but non-sewered sanitation as well).

This session is driven by international partners to bring SWOP success stories from various parts of the world. Join us to hear these convincing stories on how to put responsibility for sanitation in the hands of water and sanitation utilities in urban areas.

The objectives of this session include:
• How can SWOPs improve and scale sanitation services and wastewater management?
• How do operators include private and unregulated sectors that play a vital role in sanitation services?
• How can SWOPs support climate action?

— Session Programme
Moderation: IWA – Suresh Rohilla Rapporteur: Julia Egel, GWP, and Josphine Gaicu, GWOPA
  1. Intro by the moderator (5 min)
  2. Towards a sanitation strong GWOPA – Julie Perkins GWOPA Secretariat (10 min)
  3. CWAS CRDF CEPT University India – City regional partnerships in India – scaling up CWIS from city to state and national level – Aasim Mansuri (virtually) (10 min)
  4. Three Pitch presentations each 2-3 slides (15 min)
  • Water links - Wee Soon Guan for IWK and Ms Mahji from OWSSB
  • German Water Partnership - wastewater management with the focus on energy efficiency and climate action on WWTPs (case Germany/Jordan) – Jörg Oppermann, HanseWasser and Yazan Dabbas, Miyahuna
  • Vitens Evides International - How Kenyan water operators integrate and implement responsibilities for urban sanitation - Mrs Zaituni Rehema, Nakuru Water
  1. Group work at 3 thematic tables (30 min) we can make 2 rounds each 15 min.
  2. Mentimeter survey results – moderated by Aasim (10 min)
  • What is the keyword for SWOPs, what is a successful SWOP look like?
  • Key take aways from each table?
  1. Final remarks and take aways – moderator (10 min)