In person only
TS 23a


Monday, 22 May 2023
12:00 — 13:30
Kleiner Saal

1) The objective of the film is to share the stories of Young Water Professionals presenting their daily work and life routines as employees in water supply or sanitation utilities. The experience of the YWSP is promoted to raise awareness and advocate for the complex challenges and solutions of their profession. Their testimonies are a lens to communicate about the major changes the water sector is undergoing and present the needs in terms of professional training for water operators to meet growing demands despite constrained resources as well as other needs they might identify. Through the film, a selected group of YWSP from the African continent have the opportunity to share their own individual stories, including their daily struggles and successes.

2) Emergency water supply during the Ahr Valley flood

3) Overview of UNESCO-UNEVOC’s programmes and activities

4) How UNESCO-UNEVOC works to mainstream climate change responses in TVET

5) The Bridging Innovation and Learning in TVET (BILT) project provides a platform to share approaches to embed sustainability in curricula and training regulations

— Session Programme
  1.  Water Generation - Young Professionals shaping the future
  2. UNU-EHS: Flood in the Ahr Valley
  3. Promoting skills for work and life
  4. TVET for climate action
  5. BILT: Greening TVET