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European Regional Session: Enablers’ Dialogue #2: Human Resources for WOPs: how to mobilize utility staff for peer partnerships?

Monday, 22 May 2023
13:30 — 15:00
Kleiner Saal

GWOPA is the Convener for the session.

One of the enabling factors to scale up WOPs in Europe is to address

Human resources management, especially for more complex capacity-development projects. There are many ways to deal with this issue within an operator or within multi-partner cooperations. Indeed, the competencies/skills needed can be located in different utilities (one is better in one thing, another in another thing). This session will be the opportunity to share different experiences and proposals on this topic.
— Session Programme
Moderator: Anne le Strat , Senior consultant Speakers:
  • Claudia Wendland, Senior Water and Sanitation specialist, Hamburg Wasser
  • Peter Jansen, COO, World Waternet
  • Armando Quazzo, Executive director of SMAT
  • Claudio Valsangiacomo, Professor, Centre for Development and Cooperation
The presentations made by the panel will be followed by an interactive debate introduced by a discussant, Milo Fiasconaro, director of APE.