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How Utility Managers empower the best Young Professionals

Tuesday, 23 May 2023
15:00 — 15:45
Bonn Room
AquaFed, Afr'Eau
This session is primarily for utility managers from the global south or individuals and organizations that work with these managers. The aim is to get their initial thoughts on a project seeking to better understand the career paths talented young professionals want in the sector, how they want to interact with the sector and their career aspirations.  
Feedback and surveys from young professionals in the last few years clearly indicate a different mindset and approach to water – for example, they see it as part of a career in sustainability and climate change. Young professionals also bring new skills and different motivations. The question is do we, as their employers, fully understand these differences and know how we can work most effectively with young talent?
The project aims to create guidance for utility and service managers about how to recruit and retain based on how young professionals want to work in the sector. This is part of a suite of projects running under the Netherlands Government’s Valuing Water Initiative.
AquaFed will briefly present the details of the Young Professionals Career Pathways Guidance Project to utility managers and Afr’Eau will facilitate the discussion.
— Session Programme
Speakers: Neil Dhot, AquaFed and Eleanor Treadwell, Afr'Eau.