Become a member

Membership allows GWOPA to be greater than the sum of its parts.

GWOPA members work together to improve access to water and sanitation, and support the operators that provide these essential and life-changing services. By joining GWOPA, organisations and individuals are advocating for change and calling for increased solidarity within the water and sanitation space.

Without solidarity, collaboration, and a collective gathering of forces, the changes that are necessary to deliver water and sanitation services to all cannot happen. A diverse and broad membership base adds legitimacy to GWOPA’s global advocacy efforts, and reinforces the call for an enabling environment for operators.

Why become a member?

  • Learn and improve. The core activity of GWOPA is to support peer-learning between utilities
  • Join a community. GWOPA is global community of practitioners and experts
  • Show solidarity: Connect to a diverse and inclusive Alliance in which all members adhere to a shared vision of solidarity
  • Act: Engage in Alliance activities to support universal goals (Sustainable Development Goals, Human Right to Water and Sanitation)
  • Showcase your work: Use the GWOPA platform to show your commitment and action
  • Increase your voice: GWOPA is the foremost platform within the UN space dedicated to increasing the voice of utilities.
  • Participate. Members are eligible for support to participate in the Global WOPs Congresses and WOPs
  • Decide. Institutional members are eligible to stand for election in GWOPA’s International Steering Committee and shape the future of the Alliance.

Who can become a member?

Institutional membership is open all organizations, but public utilities are the largest membership group.

The main criteria for joining the Alliance is a commitment to increasing sustainable access to water and sanitation, and adoption of GWOPA’s Charter and Principles. Members accept to collaborate in an environment that promotes human rights, equality, tolerance, diversity, transparency and accountability.

How to join?

Becoming a member is easy

Step 1: Complete the membership application form and submit to the GWOPA secretariat.

Step 2: The application will be reviewed by GWOPA’s secretariat.

Step 3: Confirmation of membership and a welcome pack will be sent to you.

Contact us for more information.