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Cooperation with Spanish Stakeholders

Since the establishment of GWOPA’s Secretariat in Barcelona in April 2013, efforts have been made to establish a close relationship with water and sanitation actors of the host country, and to develop WOPs that benefit from the capacity of Spanish operators.

In 2014, GWOPA began to more actively support learning and exchange between WOP platforms from different regions.

This year GWOPA continued its efforts to initiate WOPs in the Central Asian region by collaborating with active partners in the area.

GWOPA continued its support in 2014 to WaterLinks, the WOPs platform in Asia and the Pacific, notably in the implementation of a climate change-themed WOP between the national utility of Sri Lanka and Yarra Valley in Australia.

Recognizing the regional diversity of the platforms, GWOPA’s efforts in 2014 were directed to consolidating well-performing platforms, such as WOP-LAC, and to increase the direct support to strengthen existing and growing platforms such as WOP-Africa and Cari-WOP.

GWOPA took the initiative in August 2012 to lead the formation of the UN-Water Task Force on Capacity Development for Water Operators (TF-CDWO) under the umbrella of the UN-Water Thematic Priority Area on Drinking Water and Sanitation.

On the eve of the 7th International Steering Committee, regional WOPs platforms within the Global WOPs Alliance came together to exchange experiences and identify ways to foster greater collaboration.

During the first week of March 2015, three teams from African operators participating in the WOPs supported by OFID and GWOPA conducted exchange visits within the framework of their WOPs.

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WaterLinks: Non-Revenue Water Masterclass

In response to the need to address non-revenue water (NRW), WaterLinks developed a Master Class on this topic, which was held on Feb. 24-26, 2015 in Oakwood Hotel, Pasig, Philippines.

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GWOPA is governed by an International Steering Committee that provides strategic direction to the Secretariat.

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