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wop latamThe WOP between the Syndicat Intercommunal du Centre et du Sud de la Martinique (SICSM) and the Water and Sewerage Company Inc. (WASCO) of Saint Lucia was signed on the 3rd of December 2014 in Riviere Salee, Martinique. This WOP consists of a comprehensive and coordinated programme of capacity development to support the Water and Sewerage Company Inc. (WASCO) in Saint Lucia with specific objectives such as: acquiring the necessary methodology and tools to develop a master plan for water and sanitation, the improvement of the asset management through diagnostic, inventory and assessment; and the preparation of guidelines and orientations for a risk management plan including disaster preparedness, crisis management and resilience


Was the code of conduct followed?
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Mentor motivations
Solidarity principles



    Type of support

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  • Asset management
  • Other

• Acquire the necessary methodology and tools to develop a master plan for water and sanitation
• Develop TORs for procuring services to address deficiencies identified during the preparation of the Master Plan
• Improve asset management through diagnostics, inventory and assessment
• Prepare guidelines and orientations for risk management planning including disaster preparedness crisis management and resilience


What types of activities were carried out to help develop operator capacity?
  • Site visits
  • Study tours
  • Other

Describe WOPs activities
Joint diagnoses, field meetings and workgroup sessions, correspondence flow – data/information


Describe the overall results
• Master plan methodology is earmarked for completion in December 2015. All necessary data
and information have been processed, consultations held, and workgroup sessions conducted at
technical committee level. The process is enhanced by a current GIS training initiative sponsored by GIZ and USAID . Strong elements of initiatives on energy efficiency, leak detection, major redevelopment projects and national policy development are feeding into and advising the WOP development of the methodology (TORs). Immediate benefits have been the sharing of experiences and the opening up of direct relationship with utility in Martinique.
• Mission undertaken in Saint Lucia in order to collect data and information. Expected to have developed asset mapping and management checklist shaped by Societe Martiniquaise des Eaux (SME) experience and orientation .
• Martinique’s protocols and procedures were provided and workshop held. Visit also conducted and organisation of physical operations exposed and explained.
• Change in management orientation towards master planning for future development and present actions.
• Integrated training, facilitation of it and enabling attitude towards change
• Initiatives at developing mechanisms for improvements in asset management
• Practical understanding of risk and vulnerabilities at the functional level
• Collaboration with regulatory agencies (improving attitude towards less enforcement behaviour and more collaborative behaviour)
• Contributing to keeping water in the public domain and of ‘win’ possibilities in partnerships
• Master plan initiative has reawakened concept of ‘integrated approaches’ as it impacts all sectors
• Severely limited resources require the right things to be done right the first time. The approaches are seen to ensure that costly mistakes and failures are avoided.

Which factors had a positive influence on the success of your WOP?
Suitable partnership design

Which factors impeded the success of your WOP?
Failure to invoke key actors


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