WOP: MWSI and PDAM Tirtanadi Medan

WOP: MWSI and PDAM Tirtanadi Medan

ChrisChris   December 13, 2011  

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MWSI will share its experience and assist PDAM to adopt best practices in serving the urban poor


April 27, 2009 - April 30, 2010
Did the operators sign a formal partnership agreement?
Mentor motivations
Corporate social responsibility
WOPs facilitator


PDAM Tirtanadi Medan - Recipient



Expanding services to low income households

provide water supplies to 3,500 low-income households in Medan, Indonesia; in this twinning arrangement MWSI will share its experience and assist PDAM to adopt best practices in serving the urban poor; they developed a work plan, which emphasized knowledge exchange to build Tirtanadi capacity in reaching out to communities, designing better service delivery models and understanding potential solutions for land ownership issues;


What types of activities were carried out to help develop operator capacity?
  • Joint planning or work
  • On the job training
  • Site visits

Describe WOPs activities
On April 27-29, 2009, staff from PDAM Tirtanadi of Medan, Indonesia, visited Manila, the Philippines, to begin their twinning partnership with Maynilad Water Services, Inc. Maynilad delivered a technical training on water services provision in low-income communities and organized hands-on field visits to sites in greater Metro Manila that have been connected to Maynilad piped networks. The utilities also held intensive discussion on how best to adapt technical solutions in the Philippines to Indonesian conditions. To formally inaugurate the twinning partnership, a Memorandum of Understanding was signed between PDAM Tirtanadi, Maynilad, and ECO-Asia, a regional program of USAID. In April 2009 a work plan to learn about infrastructure in slum areas had been developed. In July 2009 Manila visited Medan for first training on community partnership models. In September 2009 communities had been mobilized by an NGO. In October 2009 Manila visited Medan for a second training and selection of model; in Februar 2010: another visit from Manila to Medan to strengthen new community based organizations;


Describe the overall results
Implementing the communal master meter approach,
Tirtanadi, with support from the Medan municipality, met the
needs of unserved low-income residents.
As of April 2010, Tirtanadi and the Medan municipality installed 2,200 connections to serve about 11,000 people
in low-income areas through master meters and direct
household schemes.