WOP: Manila Water Company and Da Nang Water Supply Company

WOP: Manila Water Company and Da Nang Water Supply Company

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The WOP aim is to improve the wastewater process by establishing sound processes of quantifying and controlling chemical dosage


December 16, 2008 - April 30, 2009
Was the code of conduct followed?
Yes link
Did the operators sign a formal partnership agreement?
Mentor motivations
  • Corporate social responsibility
  • New opportunities/challenges for employees
WOPs facilitator



Other supporting organizations
USAID (Eco-Asia): provision of facilitation support and targeted financial assistance through a grant to support international travel and training events


Water quality management

establishing sound processes of quantifying and controlling chemical dosage; ensuring safe and proper chlorine levels and water quality control in the distribution network.


What types of activities were carried out to help develop operator capacity?
  • Joint planning or work
  • On the job training
  • Site visits

Describe WOPs activities
December 2008
Manila Water and DAWACO signed the Letter of Intent to partner in a twinning program. The LOI formally recognized both partners’ commitment to undertake the program and move ahead in finalizing a joint work plan.

January 2009
Three experts from Manila Water assessed DAWACO’s services in greater detail, collected additional distribution network (e.g. pipe sizes, materials, connections) and identify a priority service area with residual chlorine issues. They also gave a short training on water quality assurance and pipe flushing/disinfection for 18 DAWACO staff and managers as a technical option to maintain adequate chlorine levels. After discussions moderated by USAID, DAWACO and Manila Water agreed to focus on the Son Tra District, where residual chlorine levels were below WHO standards and where about 6000 customers lived. USAID also facilitated the completion of the joint work plan as agreed by both partners.

February 2009
Two experts from the Manila Water Company trained their DAWACO counterparts to perform proper water sampling techniques and record and analyze the results. They also cooperated to identify a priority location in Danang´s Son Tra district to pilot pipe flushing activities as a method for addressing low chlorine residuals in the pipelines. Manila Water gave guidelines and listed activities DAWACO needed to complete before the next pipe flushing activity and training by Manila Water

March 2009
DAWACO flushed several pipelines in Son Tra district with monitoring and assistance by 2 Manila Water experts and realized that additional infrastructure works were required for effective flushing. Manila Water identified the need for DAWACO to install additional blow-off points and valves to enable appropriate flushing and also determined that selected pipelines had to be replaced due to heavy debris accumulation. DAWACO is fixing selected pipes in the district and will continue flushing in priority areas to further check effectiveness. Manila Water will provide another round of monitoring following network improvements.

April 2009
A team from DAWACO, including its managing director, traveled to Manila in April to observe water quality laboratory best practices and incident management as practiced by the Manila Water Company. As part of the visit, the DAWACO delegation also learned how Manila Water conducts pipe cleaning activities and rechlorinates strategic locations in its distribution network.