WOP: IWKSdn.Bhd, PD PAL Jaya and PDAM Kota Bandung

WOP: IWKSdn.Bhd, PD PAL Jaya and PDAM Kota Bandung

ChrisChris   December 20, 2011  

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The aim of this WOP is technical assistance to build their capacities to strengthen and improve their septage management operations


January 19, 2011 - December 31, 2011
Was the code of conduct followed?
Yes link
Did the operators sign a formal partnership agreement?
Mentor motivations
Corporate social responsibility
WOPs facilitator


PD PAL Jaya - Recipient


Other supporting organizations
USAID (Eco-Asia): Facilitation, Funding



Please specify other theme(s)
Septage Management

technical assistance to build their capacities to strengthen and improve their septage management operations;


What types of activities were carried out to help develop operator capacity?
  • Classroom training
  • Joint planning or work
  • On the job training
  • Site visits

Describe WOPs activities
January 2011
MoU-Signing during Indonesia Water Conference and Diagnostic Visit by Indah Water Konsortium (IWK). IWK experts reviewed the existing design, implementation, and O&M aspects of the septage management programs and attendant facilities of PDAM Kota Bandung and PD PAL Jaya. Dialogue with top management was conducted to discuss current institutional arrangements, corporate and organizational set-up, hierarchy on decision-making, planning, budgeting, and oversight functions. A series of interviews with on-the-ground personnel, including managers of different departments was also conducted. The IWK experts also conducted site and facility visits, field interviews of operators and technicians, rapid survey of proposed expansion/pilot areas of the utilities, and final validation of results and initial observations with key staff of the utilities. The findings were used as the basis for structuring the joint work plan. The Memorandum of Understanding was signed by IWK, PD PAL Jaya and PDAM Kota Bandung during the Indonesian Water Conference in Jakarta to signify the formal launch of the twinning partnership.

March 2011
Kickoff Workshop in Indonesia. The kickoff training in Bandung, Indonesia introduced participants to septage management as performed by IWK in Malaysia. It also exposed the participants to varied technology approaches and other components of the desludging operations and programming, plant and fleet sizing, operations and maintenance optimization, private contractor involvement, and procurement. A major focus of discussion was on operations and facility improvements based on targets set for the twinning program. A joint work plan was discussed and approved by the WOP partners.

June 2011
Second Training in Indonesia. The second training was conducted in Jakarta, Indonesia and provided the participants the opportunity to review their current operational set-up and practices and identify areas for improvement. It also allowed the participants to learn more about best practices in establishing a desludging schedule and managing the data and records from the field and office and to learn more about performance-based indicators. With IWK’s assistance, the participants also reviewed and identified constraints and issues in implementing improvements on the current set-up.

July 2011
First training in Malaysia. The first training in Malaysia was held in Kuala Lumpur and Malacca. The three-day workshop provided the participants an understanding of the best practices employed by IWK in operating and maintaining desludging fleets and treatment facilities. The participants also discussed issues and proposed solutions for operating and maintaining their proposed plants and trucks. Under the guidance of IWK, participants conducted a hands-on training on operating and maintaining facilities through actual exposure to IWK’s built and mock facilities. This was done together with a delegation from the Philippines representing water districts who are in partnership with IWK also on improving septage treatment services