WOP: IWKSdn.Bhd and MWSI.

WOP: IWKSdn.Bhd and MWSI.

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Maynilad will work with IWK to help design two new combined sewer interceptors and treatment facilities


January 29, 2010 - December 31, 2010
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Waste water collection and treatment

to increase sewerage connections and wastewater treatment to cover 66% of the concession’s population by 2021, up from 10% today; Maynilad’s strategy to scale up wastewater services includes: 1) maximizing the use of existing separate sewer lines by increasing connections; 2) expanding wastewater collection by building combined sewers that intercept drains and redirect dry weather flow to 13 new wastewater treatment plants (WWTPs); and 3) increasing scheduled desludging and septage treatment.

IWK will help to compress Maynilad’s learning curve and build up its sewerage design and development capabilities. IWK will support Maynilad through two different initiatives as follows:

1) Sewerage Planning and Implementation: Maynilad will work with IWK to help design two new combined sewer interceptors and treatment facilities in Quezon City. The Katipunan Sewage Treatment Plant, located the barangay of San Antonio, will treat 3,170 cubic meters per day (CMD), serving 24,400 people. The Masambong Sewage Treatment Plant, located in the barangay of del Monte, will treat 3,230 CMD, serving 24,820 people. To help ensure that Maynilad effectively manages and directs its consultants in the implementation of sewerage services, IWK will conduct a series of trainings to help Maynilad to better understand the components of sustainable sewerage planning and development. The classroom and onsite trainings will address urban wastewater flows and future demand assessment, holistic planning, design, and operation of collection networks and pump stations, and evaluation of sites and treatment technologies. Using the two new STPs as teaching cases, IWK will work with Maynilad to evaluate existing plans and consultant-produced feasibility and design studies.

2) Wastewater Services Promotion: In the 1960s, MWSS had constructed separate sewer lines; this collection system and its newly rehabilitated lagoon wastewater treatment plant are currently operated by Maynilad. While the treatment facility has a capacity of 13,000 m3 per day, enough capacity to treat 60,000 household’s wastewater, only 20 percent of the facility is utilized. Maynilad has had difficulty encouraging customers to connect to the sewer due to the increased monthly charges and connection fee. IWK will help Maynilad develop a promotion program based on The 10-Step Promotion Program Toolkit for Water, Sanitation, and Hygiene, developed by ECO-Asia for local governments and water utilities. This promotion program will help Maynilad assess public demand for the service, understand customer concerns, and design and implement a targeted promotion program to build public awareness and willingness to pay for sewerage connections. The promotion campaign with initially focus on a community in Paco with 1,800 households but the training will help develop Maynilad's capacity to promote future wastewater activities as well.


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