WOP: DWSS NEPAL & Maynilad Water Services Inc.

WOP: DWSS NEPAL & Maynilad Water Services Inc.

Kristin HeskeKristin Heske   December 04, 2015  

wop asiaFor outstanding achievement based on outcomes and impacts, the WaterLinks Award was given to the WOP between Nepal’s Department of Water Supply and Sewerage (DWSS) – specifically its Central Human Resource Development Unit (CHRDU) and the Lekhnath Small Town Water Supply and Users Committee (LSTWSSUC) – as recipient, and Maynilad Water Services through the Maynilad Water Academy, as mentor. The WOP resulted in the establishment of the National Water Supply and Sanitation Training Center equipped with a water laboratory and a meter test bench. Further, 10 district metered areas were established and a NRW management program was institutionalized.


Was the code of conduct followed?
Don't know link
Did the operators sign a formal partnership agreement?
Don't know
Mentor motivations
Solidarity principles



    Type of support

    Type of support
Other supporting organizations
Lekhnath Small Town Water Supply and Sanitation Users Committee
Total cost of WOP ($)


  • Non Revenue Water (NRW) management
  • Water quality management

• Build the capacity of CHRDU‐DWSS in water loss management and water quality management
• Develop and implement a curriculum on NRW Management
• Water Quality management of small scale water systems


What types of activities were carried out to help develop operator capacity?
  • Classroom training
  • Joint planning or work
  • On the job training

Describe WOPs activities
On-the-job training, classroom training, joint diagnosis, development of work plan, regular communication through Skype


Describe the overall results
1) NRW Management
• NRW measurement: From 46% (estimated) to 40%
• DMA Establishment: 10 DMA's established
• Step‐testing & walk‐the‐line activities: Use of step‐testing in DMA establishment
• Identification & installation of pressure ports: 6 pressure ports Installed
• Start documentation of reported leaks, types & status: Monthly report on the leak profile
• Inventory of customer meters: 7,000 meters profiled
• Start of small meter installation & replacement program: Metering program started

2) Capacity building
• Improved the overall capability of CHDRU as a training institution: Transformed CHRDU into a National
training center and acquired ISO 9001 Certification
• Upgrade CHRDU meter testing lab: Improved meter test bench
• Develop protocols for meter set assembly & installation: SOP prepared
• Training of Trainers Workshop: Workshop for trainers held. NRW training course produced in native language

3) Water quality
• Assessment of laboratories, facilities and personnel: Status of WQ laboratory reported and recommendation implemented
• Identification and installation of sampling points: 18 sampling points within the water supply system identified

4) Water Safety Plan (WSP)
• Introduced to Maynilad WSP

Which factors had a positive influence on the success of your WOP?
  • Financing for WOPs
  • Participation of external actors
  • Relationship of individuals
  • Suitable partnership design

Which factors impeded the success of your WOP?
Not tied to ongoing processes


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