On July 11-12 members of the Cari-WOP and supporting organizations will come together in Miami for a two-day coordination and proposal development meeting.

GIZ Caribbean Aqua-Terrestrial Program (CATS) facilitated an information tour to Germany on “Current Issues in the Field of Water Management” 

Tuesday, 28 June 2016 00:00

Water, WOPs and the Habitat III Conference

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What are Habitat III and the New Urban Agenda? 

PERPAMSI has launched four new WOPs under its facilitation in 2016 aimed at upgrading the performance of four mentees

Resource mapping and nomination of representatives are the main outcomes of this meeting

Developing Sub-Saharan operators’ capacity on non-revenue water and water quality through training

Participants validated findings from the 9th and 10th European Development Fund Water Facility during two-day meeting in Nairobi.

Spanish operators come together in Gijon on World Drought Day (17th June). 

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