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Launch of WaterworX Programme 'Community of Practice' on WOP Project Management

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The WaterWorX programme has created a number of Communities of Practice (CoPs) to optimize the value of the human capital and experiences of 24 WOP projects in 16 countries running at the same time. The aim of these CoPs is to collect, document and share knowledge and experiences. The first CoP to be launched focuses on the theme 'WOP Project Management'. A 3-day kick-off workshop took place in the National Water and Sewerage Corporation (NWSC) International Resource Centre (IREC) from the 25th to the 27th of June 2018 in Kampala (Uganda), with the participation of 15 local project managers. Rose Kaggwa, director of external services of NWSC, welcomed the group and expressed NWSC’s enthusiasm and willingness to make the most of this community. GWOPA and WaterWorX facilitated the 3-day workshop with the support from NWSC, who also organized and facilitated engaging and informative field visits to the Ggaba treatment plant, NWSC vocational training center and a low-income area in Kampala.  

A broad spectrum of topics were discussed. The first session on equipping local project managers in their new role covered – an introduction to the WWX programme and the Theory of Change, an introduction to WOPs and GWOPA, project management skills, good practice for local project managers as agents of change, an introduction to Dutch culture and inter-cultural competence, project planning and monitoring and reporting cycles. The second session focused on preparing members to make the best of the CoP and covered – an introduction to CoPs, a delineation of a roadmap, an explanation and testing of the online platform and associated digital application for collaboration and the mapping of characteristics of each of the water operators that members of the CoP represent. The final session served to stimulate exchange and discussion of relevant topics for all the projects - asset management, where a board game was played by participants as an innovative and fun way of learning, and low-income areas management.

The workshop participants were  eager to exchange knowledge. This first workshop allowed members to get to know each other and better understand the particularities of the different projects and to delineate how they would like to continue the exchange once they return to their project sites.


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  • Title: WaterWorX is a new flagship program that brings together 10 Dutch water utilities to provide 10 million people with sustainable access to clean drinking water through WOPs. Supported by the Dutch Ministry of Foreign Affairs (DGIS), this programme will enable Dutch mentorship in 24 WOP projects, across Asia, Africa and Latin America, over the coming 14 years.

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