World Waternet

  • From 2008 to 2012, the WOP involved numerous technical visits to develop work on Management capacity, Design and Communication. This factsheet provides an overview of the WOP.  2016FactsheetWWN

  • wop africa     One of the aims of this WOP is to improve SNDE's knowledge and management capacity

  • The governance of the partnership was more informal and less structured, allowing the partnership to develop slowly. As organisational and individual capacity grew within OWMCP (as a result of the cooperation), and the organisation became more structured, so did the partnership. With the help of the partners, OWMCP developed a new organisational structure with clearer task division that relieved managers of operational functions by delegating more tasks.

    Phase 2 of the partnership involved more structured governance and strengthened cooperation in line with requirements of the EU regarding governance and reporting.

    wop latam

  • wop arab The aim of this WOP is to  work with the Egyptian water organisation BWADC as a partner to support other countries in the region in areas related to water and sanitation

  • wop asiaThe aim of this WOP is to improve  the infrastructure and  sanitation practices of the mentee

  • wop latamThis WOP aims to ensure that there is sufficient clean drinking water.

  • wop europeThis WOP aims to adress water shortage  (drinking water, irrigation water, water for industry and nature)