• wop latam

    The aim of this WOP is to provide a improvement of the current drinking supply system

  • wop latam

    The project consists in taking water from the Ulua River to a plan and then distributing it to the rest of the municipalities.

  • The Framework of Cooperation between BCASA (Barcelona) and WSSA (Bethlehem-Biet Jala-Biet Sahour, Palestine) was signed in 2015 during the 3rd Global WOPs Congress, and focuses on increasing service provision and efficiency for the mentee operator (WSSA). A number of topics were identified as areas to be addressed through the WOPs, including: Geographic Information Systems, sewer network management models, and electronic document management.

    wop arab 

  • wop arab

    The aim of this WOP is to improve the access to potable water and sanitation.

  • wop latam

    The aim of this WOP is to improve the watertreatment infraestructure

  • wop africa

    The aim of this WOP is to facilitate  construction of a water distribution network for settlements and construction of infrastructure for irrigation

  • wop latam

    The aim of this WOP id to improve the system maintenance

  • wop latam

    The WOP between EMAX in Guatemala and the City Council of Zaragoza was established in May 2014 for a duration of 24 months with the objective to strengthen the capacity of the mentee in the areas of water loss control and metering. Initial results of this partnership have been promising.

  • wop europe

    The  aim of the WOP is to improve the management and sustainable use of natural resources, promote economic diversification