• Overview of the WOP between EMSAPUNO and COPASA2015 EMPASPUNO COPASA

  • wop latamThe WOP comes from the invitation that Empresa Municipal de Saneamiento Básico de Puno SA (EMSAPUNO) received for participating in a Regional Workshop for capacity building about water safety plans held in November of 2012 in Quito (Ecuador), financed by UN-Habitat/GWOPA, with the collaboration of IWA and Cap-Net.

    Thereafter, EMSAPUNO, with the support of WOP-LAC, was put in contact with Companhia de Saneamento de Minas Gerais (COPASA) from Brazil, that contributed and supported to develop the Peruvian company own safety plan in the city of Puno, accompanied with visits in water plants in both countries.

  • wop latamWOP-LAC, the regional GWOPA platform for Latin America and the Caribbean, organized in March of 2014 a workshop in Montevideo (Uruguay) to foster strategies to strengthen the capacity and management of wáter companies in the region. From there, SEDAPAL y EPS GRAU S.A., expressed their interest in being able to pursue a partnership and knowledge exchange between them.

  • wop latamThe agreement signed in 2010 between the operators OSE from Uruguay and SEDACUSCO from Perú are related with the sanitation services, wastewater treatment and potabilization. They engage in maintaining a cooperation system that allow them to coordinate efforts to benefit both of them, improving organization according to potentialities and experiences.

    The goal is to assimilate the rich background that OSE possess, as well as its vision and commitment to protect and supply water as a common good. The experience path in management and technical abilities on supply made the operator an example of water operation, where in Uruguay has reached the 99,5% of clean water population coverage.

  • wop latam

    The aim of this WOP is to implement a Recruitment system and the retention of qualified personnel in a company

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    The aim of this WOP is to implement project management and development for water treatment plants and waste water treatment

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    The aim of this WOP is to improve the Project management of the water supply of the mentee